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Publisher: Springboard Press
Pub. Date: August 6, 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0446699709

Measure of the Heart featured in O Magazine, read the article, Wired for Sound by Oliver Sacks, MD here.

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Measure of the Heart is an insightful book about love—a love powerful enough to compel a daughter to give up her exciting career to move back home to help care for her father deteriorating from Alzheimer’s disease. Family caregivers will treasure Measure of the Heart as a window into their own experiences. Health professionals should read it to understand what family caregivers confront in their labor of love.”
—Carol Levine, Director, Families and Health Care Project, United Hospital Fund

“Mary Ellen Geist taps her reporter’s curiosity and considerable investigative skills to try to make sense of the disease that is stealing her father. In the process, she reaches deep into her own heart. The result is a compelling, respectful—and somehow reassuring—book for every caregiving family that must look Alzheimer’s, or any serious illness, in the face.”
—Susan Strecker Richard, Editor-in-Chief, Caring Today

“Much more than an exploration of Alzheimer's or simply a memoir of a caregiver, although this book is a very moving and memorable example of both these subjects...this book is an essential reminder of what is the measure of any heart: its capacity for love.”
—Keith Taylor, Director, Undergraduate Creative Writing, University of Michigan

“Last chances to connect and say good bye to loved ones are always difficult--this is a story about a rare and loving family in which Alzheimer's Disease makes that process an extra challenge.  Both touching and amusing, the day-to-day interactions Mary Ellen Geist documents allow us to experience how she and her family gained a deeper love for each other.”
—Carolyn  McIntyre, LCSW-R, CEAP, Caring Today Advisory Board