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Publisher: Springboard Press
Pub. Date: August 6, 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0446699709

Measure of the Heart featured in O Magazine, read the article, Wired for Sound by Oliver Sacks, MD here.

Are you interested in making the world a better place by spreading the word and getting involved in the healing power of music, especially when it can help people living with Alzheimer's disease? Are you a musician, and in particular, an a cappella singer? For published references on music therapy most likely to engage people living with Alzheimer's, sources of vocal groups near you, ideas on getting started, etc., please contact Bart at with 'Alz' in the subject line.

Welcome to my website!

Here's a recent interview I did about my book for KLIF in Dallas with a former radio colleague Dave Williams.

I am now living in Detroit, Michigan.

Check out an article I wrote on music and Alzheimer's in the AARP Bulletin. Click here to read it. I am continuing to write and give lectures about Alzheimer's and the healing power of music. If you haven't seen the movie "Alive Inside" check it out, or to view the trailer, go to this website:

Also, check out the Music and Memory Program at

Enjoy my book, and thanks for looking me up!

Mary Ellen Geist

This dynamic video offers insight, hope, and understanding for anyone who cares for a loved one with Alzheimer's. This disease without cure currently afflicts more than 30 million people and there are no treatments to halt its progression, making caregiving both essential-and difficult.

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Mary Ellen Geist decided to leave her job as a CBS Radio anchor to return home to Michigan when her father's Alzheimer's got to be too much for her mother to shoulder alone. She chose to live her life by a different set of priorities: to be guided by her heart, not by outside accomplishment and recognition.